Have a Night to Remember With Cocktails at the Red Dragon.

A night on the town should be as unique as it is entertaining. When you are in Shanghai in the Jing'an District, make sure that you turn your attention to the work being done at the Red Dragon, one of the oldest establishments in Shanghai. A place for warm connection and hard cocktails, the Red Dragon offers a variety of experiences based upon the needs of its clientele.

Let's explore how a night at the Red Dragon bar can turn into more than just cocktails, but also into a night you'll never forget!

Welcome to the Red Dragon

The Red Dragon is located in the Jing'An district of Shanghai. Open daily from 9pm to 5am, the Red Dragon is revered for its three unique floors and the distinct offerings within each. More than a place where people go to eat and drink, the Red Dragon is a place where people ARE the business.

When you step foot into the Red Dragon bar for cocktails, consider what each floor has available! Where will your night take you from here?

  1. The Bar — The first floor of the Red Dragon opens up into an Art Deco Long Bar. One of the oldest establishments in Shanghai, the bar is the heart and heritage of the Red Dragon. Enjoy delicious local alcohols, cocktails, and beverages.

  2. The Wine — Private rooms and local wines give way to a well-stocked cellar. When a refined and relaxing evening is on the docket, make sure the Red Dragon is where you'll pour your next glass.

  3. The Tatame — Round out your night with an escape to the tatames, a pair of rooms ideal for parties of up to 20 people. Great for late-night sake and intimate conversations, you'll always look back fondly on your time with the tatames.


For cocktails at a bar that remembers your name, head to the Red Dragon!